The initial focus is on building a neuro-oncology pipeline for brain metastases of breast and lung cancers, given the advantages involved:
This choice allows us to bring approved and effective biologics – which, until now, have only been treating cancer from the neck down – into the brain.


Brain metastases are on the rise, given the advanced systemic treatments that enable patients to live longer – but also long enough for their cancers to metastasize to the brain. Once the cancer makes its way to the brain, the prognosis is very poor, with up to 4-6 months survival.


The fast-track relevant to drug development for oncology indications will expedite our go-to-market process.

Our Pipeline

Nanocarry’s efficient system for overcoming the restrictive nature of the BBB combines the unique properties of bioengineered gold nanoparticles (GNPs) with the receptor mediated transcytosis, a process naturally occurring in the body when non-restricted molecules pass the BBB. The platform was extensively studied in healthy animals as well as in neurodegenerative disease models and brain tumors.
Check out a sample of our latest research and publications:
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