A new era in tackling brain diseases

Nanocarry is developing a new class of brain therapeutics, which combines biological approaches with nanoparticles to allow biologics to cross the Blood Brain Barrier, creating first-in-class therapeutics for neuro-oncology indications and CNS diseases.

Nanocarry’s Team & Story

Powered by the convergence of multidisciplinary expertise
Nanocarry is developing an innovative delivery technology platform pioneered over the past decade in the Nano-Bioengineering lab of Prof. Rachela Popovtzer at Bar Ilan University, Israel. With pre-seed financing from NfX and TechBio, Nanocarry’s nano-chemistry and biology labs are working synergistically to develop first-in-class product candidates, while scaling and optimizing the manufacturing process of its bioengineered gold nanoparticles.

Meet Nanocarry’s Multidisciplinary Team


Adam Antebi

Sr. Scientist Nano-Materials

Ashley Shapiro

Communications & BD Associate

Oshra Betzer

COO & Co-founder

Revital Mandil Levin

CEO & Co-founder

Rachela Popovtzer

CSO & Co-founder

Omri Amirav-Drory

Board Member

Ariel Sella

Board Member
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