One core technology,

infinite possibilities.

Nanocarry is developing a new class of therapeutics for brain cancers and CNS diseases based on a proprietary technology platform of bioengineered nanoparticles that offers infinite possibilities for optimal modalities and mechanisms of action to treat brain diseases.

The AXS drug delivery platform - simply versatile.

The convergence of biology and engineering for a new class of therapeutics
Nanocarrys AxS drug delivery platform is based on a proprietary plug & play technology that can be used across indications and with any biologics, creating infinite possibilities for CNS therapeutic products and product categories.

The AxS platform is poised to solve the biggest challenge in the field of brain therapeutics, by enabling the delivery of biologics across the blood brain barrier in a simple and traceable manner. It pioneers a therapeutic approach, converging the biological process of receptor-mediated transcytosis (RMT) with bioengineered gold nanoparticles (GNPs). The AxS platform’s capabilities can be rapidly adjusted for the creation of multiple therapeutics across many brain diseases. AxS brain-targeted delivery can be quantified and traced, in a clinical setting, in real time, verifying that the therapeutic reaches the brain.

Nanocarry powers biologics with nanoparticle properties, so that once the therapeutic is linked to the nanoparticle it can cross the BBB, reach its target, and be excreted, achieving maximal biological effect without increasing dosage.
The AxS platform is based on bioengineering of gold nanoparticles (GNPs). Gold nanoparticles have attracted enormous scientific interest due to their unique physical and optical properties that make them useful for a large variety of biological, chemical and medical applications.
The surface of GNPs have a strong binding affinity which allows for surface conjugation with various peptides, proteins, antibodies, and other biomolecules. These surface modifications expand the applications by enabling them to target specific sites on the cell surface, organelles or the extracellular matrix and serve as “smart” drug carriers. GNPs can be traced noninvasively by CT imaging, due to their high atomic number and can be quantitatively detected ex vivo by atomic absorption methods.

During over a decade of research at Prof. Popovtzer’s Nanoparticles lab, the AxS technology platform was developed and perfected into an efficient gold nanoparticle-based system that can overcome the restrictive mechanism of the BBB. The platform was extensively studied in healthy animals as well as in neurodegenerative disease models and brain tumors. 

Using in-vivo CT imaging, AxS platform delivery enables the assessment of delivery of the bioengineered GNPs to specific brain regions that are involved in neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders.

The Platform in Action

Nanocarry’s AxS platform can be used to develop a wide array of brain therapeutics, such as antibodies, peptides and other biologics and small molecules with low brain bioavailability. Its unique advantages stem from its convergence of biology and nanotechnology, and include:

Plug & Play

One-core technology allows for multiple product generation and a replicable manufacturing process

Effective Delivery

20-fold in healthy brain,
~40-fold in disease models

Superior Pharmacokinetics

Enhanced drug stability and less off-target due to particle retention within the bloodstream

Multi-Drug Combinations

Generate multi-specific particles enabling new mechanisms of action

“Smart” Drug Shuttle

Targeting capabilities on the cell surface, organelles, or extracellular matrix

Traceable & Quantifiable

GNPs can be traced noninvasively using CT imaging & quantified ex vivo by atomic absorption methods

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