Biologics Beyond Boundaries.

Developing first-in-class therapeutics to treat
brain cancers and CNS diseases.
With a goal to extend the reach of biological therapeutics to the brain to tackle CNS diseases head-on, Nanocarry is pioneering a multidisciplinary approach that enables biologics to access the brain, overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).

The Challenge


of all drugs are
brain excluded

1 vs. 100

While ~100 antibodies are approved
for various indications, only 1 antibody
is approved for CNS disease.


of an injected dose of a
therapeutic antibody is
delivered to the brain

One core technology,

infinite possibilities.

AXS Technology Platform

50-fold increase in brain delivery of antibody’s injected dose, with 8x the payload.

Our proprietary technology platform’s Plug & Play approach opens the doors to infinite possibilities to create novel therapeutics with optimal modalities and mechanisms of action, for the treatment of brain cancers and CNS diseases.

The Platform
In Action

We are currently developing an in-house neuro-oncology pipeline for brain metastases of breast and lung cancers and are seeking partnerships to co-develop the next generation of therapeutics for patients living with neurodegenerative diseases and genetic diseases of the CNS.

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Lab & Headquarters
3 Pinhas Sapir Street
Weizmann Science Park , IL

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